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My Full name is Alfin Siddik Amrullah Buton. My friends used to call me Alfin Amrullah. I am an activist of the Indonesian literation movement., a writer, and a public speaker. I love to share my expertise and experiences I had because I believe that Sharing is Beauty. For Further Information about Alfin Amrullah, you can follow me on this website and stay keep in touch with me on social media.

What do I share?

I love sharing because there are many interesting things that we can get from sharing. These following lists are some of the main topics that I will often share on this website :

Literation Movement
Literation Movement Alfin Amrullah Further Information

I would love to share my experience in the field of the literation movement in Indonesia, especially in the east of Indonesia. I have been struggling in this field since 2014. Now I am the founder of Rumah Baca Bupolo Manise (RBBM), which is one of the community reading park “(Taman Baca Masyarakat – TBM)” in Maluku, Indonesia.

I have an assumption that education and literacy are the duty and responsibility of everyone, no matter what your background is. Therefore, I will be very happy in sharing my thought about this kind of topic to those of you who are interested.

Science & Technology
Science & Technology Alfin Amrullah Further Information

I will also share with you what I know in terms of science and technology because it is actually my basic knowledge. I am currently studying “Master New Technologies in Computer Science” at Univercidad de Murcia, Spain.

My current study focus area is Smart City, Semantic Web and IoT (Internet of Things). If you ask me what is the reason why I learn these subjects? The answer is because I believe that this will be a powerful knowledge for our society in the future. In this era of the 4.0 industry, we have so many challenges that we will face as a nation and as a future generation.

Scholarship & Youth Internship
Sholarship & Internship

If you are a scholarship hunter, I would love to share all I know about the scholarship, because now I am studying in Spain as an Erasmus+ scholarship awardee.

I will also talk about youth internship programs, international conferences, youth sustainable development programs, etc. I had been participating in those kinds of events several times.

ICT & START-UP Funding
ICT & START-UP Funding

For those of you who are interested in the issue of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and START-UP programs and how to get funding, I also have some experiences about them to be shared.

I made several projects with my team since 2016. Some of those projects succeed to get funding, although some did not. Nevertheless, I think that would be an interesting story to share with you. You can see my projects list on this website.


I am an open-minded person. If you have some critics for improving my writings on this website, you can give your comment on the comment column below. I will be very open to all the criticism.

Or, if you find new material that can be shared related to the topic that we are discussing, you can also share that information on Alfin Amrullah Social media like Facebook or Instagram. I would love to meet you there.

I hope you can find this website matter and suitable for you. If so, I will be very happy if you are willing to share it with others. Let’s share knowledge and interesting things with one another for a better future.

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